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The award-winning team here at Sovereign Solar strives to provide affordable, high-quality solar energy solutions to Australian businesses and homes. Our consultants are passionate about renewable energy and believe solar power is vital to the future of Australia, the economy and the wellbeing of the planet. The crew here at Sovereign Solar consists of a select group of driven individuals who are determined to provide the masses with the many benefits that solar energy and solar energy storage systems have to offer. We only employ the services of CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited designers and installers, and all our staff and technicians receive up-to-date training for the safe installation of industry-leading solar PV technologies. Our actions and services stem from our strong, core company values; to provide affordable, reliable, high-quality solar energy products and services to our customers, with accountability, and meritorious customer service. We are committed to giving all Australians access to the many benefits of solar energy, creating a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future for our country, and our future generations.

Commercial solar

Businesses all around Australia are investing in solar energy, saving significantly on their annual energy bills, and helping to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.

Powering your business with solar energy not only dramatically reduces your company’s energy expenditure, but it also aids Australia in reaching its vital commitment to achieving its global renewable energy targets.

Solar power and solar energy storage yield a myriad of benefits to businesses across all industries, including:

There has never been a better time to invest in affordable solar energy technology. Call one of our expert consultants to find out more about our commitment to providing renewable energy to all Australian businesses.

Solar energy tax benefits

The Australian Government allows business owners to claim depreciation of their solar investments, offering the opportunity for significant tax deductions that can be claimed for the entire period of the effective life of the technology. On average, this is approximately 15 to 20-years at a rate of five to ten per cent.

For example, a company with a turnover of under two-million dollars would be eligible to write-off up to $6,500 of depreciation on their solar assets. Contact our solar specialists for more information about solar energy tax benefits.

As a company that has invested in solar energy ourselves, we understand the importance of reliable and trustworthy trade professionals. All our technicians and installers are carefully vetted to ensure our high work standards are maintained.

Our solar installation professionals will fit your solar system with the same care and attention to detail as they would their own. No corner will be cut, and no stone will be left unturned in ensuring the 100% customer satisfaction on all installations.

All our trade professionals are highly-experienced in solar technology and are accredited by the CEC. They have all the necessary checks and tickets to work in any environment and strictly adhere to all onsite and federal OH&S and Safe Work Australia compliances and specifications.

Don’t risk using inexperienced jack-of-all-trades with your solar installations. From your initial consultation to the handover of your solar energy system, you can have peace of mind knowing you have chosen Sovereign Solar.

Whether you are merely looking to reduce your power bills, get off the grid in regional areas, or a combination of both, then our consultants here at Sovereign Solar have an affordable solar solution for your home.

Thousands of Australian households have reaped the benefits of investing in solar energy systems for their homes. Many are even making money back off their energy providers by supplying power back to the grid with their energy excess.

Our reliable and trustworthy consultants will measure your solar panel surface capabilities and provide you with the best, most cost-effective option for your property. Home solar energy can provide you with:

  • Significantly reduced energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly power consumption
  • High return on investment
  • Provide extra income with solar energy excess
  • Increased financial independence

Our highly experienced CEC accredited installers and trade professionals will work around your schedule and provide a prompt service taking the utmost care with your property.

More and more Australian are taking their solar energy systems to the next level with home solar energy battery systems, giving them total independence over their energy resources.

We offer a range of cost-effective options for residential battery storage systems. The many benefits of storing your solar energy include:

  • Considerable reduction in energy bills
  • Energy independence
  • Opportunity to trade stored energy for profit

You also help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint and make your contribution To lowering global carbon emissions and creating a better future for Australia. We have access to all leading battery storage brands, including LG’s Slick and styling chem battery storage systems.

We can provide battery storage in a total solar energy solution, or add a system to your existing solar power system. Call one of our consultants today for a full run-down on current solar power battery storage technology.

Many homeowners like to be able to choose the style of solar panels they are having installed on their house. And with good reason, as solar panels can dramatically affect your homes aesthetic depending on your homes roof style and pitch.

Here at Sovereign Solar, we use only the best, supplying industry-leading products and technologies with brands like Winaico and Risen solar panels.

Adding solar panels to your home is a significant investment, and most homeowners have done their fair share of reading and research on their myriad of options. Our consultants respect the freedom of individual choice, and we can source and provide any other brands or products you would prefer to install outside of our range.

A home is often a person’s most valuable investment. Here at Sovereign Solar, we ensure all installation tradespeople and solar technicians are highly-trained and heavily vetted guaranteeing the safety and well being of your family and assets.

Our installers will also take the utmost care with your house fittings and roofing, ensuring no damage to your property and its fixtures. Our installation teams are punctual and efficient and will leave your home just the way they found it.

All our installation work comes with a quality guarantee, and we settle for nothing but complete customer satisfaction. Call our solar installation specialists to find out more about bookings.

commercial energy storage

Our solar energy professionals are at the forefront of solar energy battery storage technology. New age battery storage systems put the power back in your hands, ensuring your power supply is independent and reliable, all year round.

In recent years energy prices have peaked in Australia, and every Australian business has felt the pinch. Some regions of Australia are paying some of the highest energy bills on the planet.

There is also more and more mounting evidence showing the negative impacts commercial and industrial energy consumption have on the environment. Especially those energy sources that have been reliant on fossil fuels.

There will be times in the year when factors like season change can affect sunlight exposure and reduce your energy production. This issue can be negated by installing a battery storage system in your commercial property.

The benefits of battery storage include:

We have a wide range of solar energy storage systems on offer in different sizes and storage capacities. Contact our Commercial solar storage team for a comprehensive run-down of our range.

Award Winning Solar

Have confidence in your solar investments by using a name you can trust. Contact the experienced professionals at Sovereign Solar today.

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In 2001, the Australian Government instigated the Renewable Energy Target. This scheme aims to help Australia meet its international carbon emissions targets by stimulating the generation of electricity from renewable resources like solar.

We can offer a range of finance options to help Australian homes and businesses access solar panels on their properties. Contact our consultants today to obtain a free quote and a comprehensive run-down on our solar system finance options in your state or territory.

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