Battery Storage

It’s satisfying to be able to use the power your own solar system has generated, but what’s even more exciting is having the ability to use this power after dark! Battery storage makes utilising solar power at night possible – which is the reason the industry is buzzing about this topic. As a result of decreasing costs, solar batteries are now a viable option for many families installing solar systems.
There are many components to consider when making a decision about whether or not to install solar batteries at your residence. At Sovereign Solar, we recommend you consider the following factors to determine if you will make a worthwhile return on investment:
Firstly, how much power stored in the battery do you expect your household will actually use?
What is the difference between your existing power costs and the benefits of a feed-in tariff in your local area?
Your answers to these questions should help you identify if the installation cost of a battery storage solution is a more economical choice for your residential solar system. In certain circumstances, you may achieve greater savings by installing a bigger system, rather than adding a battery. However, the benefit of an uninterrupted power supply thanks to battery storage would be invaluable, if the grid supply in your region is unreliable!


Sovereign Solar chooses to use batteries made from reputable electronic giant LG, because they are leaders in solar energy storage systems. LG Chem Batteries are designed to be a stylish addition to your solar system, blending with the aesthetic of most Australian homes. The LG Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU) is available in three different sizes; 6.5kW, 9.8kW and 13kW. LG Chem is extremely versatile and compatible with a range of inverters.  

LG Chem Batteries

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