Commercial Energy Storage

Businesses and commercial enterprises around Australia have made the leap to renewable, cost-effective solar power, saving big on their power bills and even making a profit by feeding their excess power back into the grid.

After seeing the benefits of powering their business with solar, many companies have gone a step further, gaining complete autonomy over their power supply by investing in new wave solar energy battery storage.

Many business owners are amazed at how satisfying it is to power your business with your own renewable energy source and the realisation that your company is helping Australia reduce its carbon footprint.

Utilising solar battery energy storage is more affordable than ever, and more and more businesses are having battery storage installed at the same time as their solar energy system.

Solar energy battery storage can also provide many businesses with an independent, autonomous power source day and night, which is great news for companies hooked into unreliable power grids.

The benefits of solar energy battery storage

There are many benefits to utilising solar storage in your commercial property. Join the thousands of Australian businesses taking the step forward and reap the rewards of solar energy battery storage.

Power outages can cost companies significant losses during power outages. For many businesses, no power means a complete halt to production and service.

Solar energy battery storage gives you the power to store emergency power ready to use if your property’s power is temporarily out of action. There is also the added benefit of being able to use your power excess to work outside of regular trading hours during busy periods.

Solar energy works for you sun up to sundown. Utilising battery storage means that any power you are not using can be stored in your system for later use.

The excess energy can also be fed back into the grid to take the pressure of the universal system. This can result in further discounts or even credit payments from your energy provider. Call out solar energy experts for a comprehensive run-down on this unique opportunity.

If you have already made the wise choice to convert your business to solar power, you may not have committed to solar battery storage at the time. The good news is that our battery storage systems can be easily configured to any existing solar technology you have already had installed on the premises, whether we fitted it or not.

Solar battery products

We are at the forefront of solar energy battery storage technology in Australia. We use all the latest tech from all the best brands, including the sleek and stylish LG chem battery systems.

Many people who are ready to invest in solar power storage for their business have done their fair share of research. The team here at Sovereign Solar respects your right to choose, and we can attempt to source and offer advice on any other systems you have seen on the market.

looking for commercial solar Energy Storage?

Are you looking for a reliable solar energy storage system for your business or commercial property? Contact the experienced solar energy professionals here at Sovereign Solar today for your free energy assessment.

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