Commercial Solar Installations

With so many businesses and commercial property owners taking advantage of the Australian Governments solar energy schemes, there have been countless solar technology installations performed around the country, with mixed results for some unfortunate customers.

The team here at Sovereign Solar are dedicated to assuring the highest quality installation by strictly using CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited tradespeople and technicians who specialise in solar technology installations.

To receive CEC accreditation, installers must have completed several required training courses, then complete further assessment to gain full credentials. 

After 12-months these installation professionals can transition into the continuous professional development renewal scheme. They must then complete 100-points of training and development annually to maintain certification.

These stringent regulations ensure all our affiliates are vetted to for quality assurance. All our work comes with our quality guarantee, and we don’t settle for anything less than complete customer satisfaction.

The team here at Sovereign Solar have teamed up with the experts at FormBay to ensure small-scale technology certificates (STC)can be finalised digitally, on-site, for submission to the CEC.

Commercial solar applications

There is no commercial solar installation job too big or small for us to take on. From retail and hospitality business to industrial facilities and mining camps, everyone can benefit from investing in new wave solar energy technology.


Reduce company overheads and retain profit by installing solar energy into your corporate enterprise. We can provide total solar installation solutions for businesses like:

Small offices can benefit from the opportunity to make money from their excess power production, contact our expert consultants to find out more.


We can provide solar installation for any kind of retail business, large or small. Our consultants will find the best solution for your location and roof pitch maximising your solar power exposure all year round. We can provide solar technology installations for:

Contact our commercial solar staff today to arrange a consultation and free quote for your business.


Businesses that need constant heating and cooling while running commercial cooking equipment can require significant energy resources to operate effectively.

We can provide comprehensive solar solutions for hospitality businesses like:

We can deal with businesses directly, or liaise with property and centre management for large multi-business solutions.

Industrial & manufacturing

Large machinery and manufacturing equipment can produce some hefty power bills. Quality solar installation can help ease financial pressure off any industry. 

We can provide solar power installations for industrial businesses like:

Contact our solar experts for a full run-down on large capacity solar installations and power storage options.

looking for commercial solar?

Are you ready to make the switch to clean, cost-effective solar energy? Contact our solar professionals today and discover what we can do for your business.

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