Commercial solar

Every business has felt financial pressure from the continuing rise in commercial solar energy costs in Australia with some states enduring some of the highest rates in the world. There has never been a better time for Aussie businesses to invest their money in solar energy technology.

The team here at Sovereign Solar is dedicated to providing businesses around Australia with affordable solar power technology. Our highly knowledgeable consultants can help you fit your business with the perfect system to fill your company’s personal energy requirements.

After your initial consultation, our solar experts will calculate the latitude, pitch and orientation of your commercial property to maximise your solar exposure, exploiting seasonal changes and maximising your energy production.

Commercial solar energy benefits

Thousands of Australian businesses have made the switch to solar energy and have seen its potential within months. Some of the many benefits of commercial solar energy systems include:

By using solar energy, you are also helping Australia reach its global renewable energy targets and carbon reduction commitments.

Our team of consultants, installation specialists and solar technicians here at Sovereign Solar are committed to helping Australian businesses gain access to affordable, sustainable, high-quality solar energy solutions.

For more information about our full range of solar energy products and services, contact our experienced renewable energy professionals today.

Financial Incentives

The Australian Government made a substantial commitment to global renewable energy targets in 2001. The incentives schemes in place aim to reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions significantly using renewable energy sources.

In 2011 the scheme was separated into two incentives: a small scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) and a large scale energy scheme (LRET). 

These schemes offer rebates to residential and commercial property owners enabling them to recoup some of the costs associated with the initial purchase and installation of their solar power.

Small scale technology certificates (STCs)

The SRES offers incentives for residential property owners and small businesses to install renewable energy systems with a capacity of up to 100kW, including photovoltaic solar panels. STCs are issued once the eligible system has been installed.

Property and business owners often select to assign their certificate rights to registered agents like Sovereign Solar, allowing companies like ours to offer further discounts on solar energy systems.

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Much like the SRES, the LRET offers a financial incentive for power stations to generate energy from renewable resources. Accredited power stations then have a legal obligation to trade LGCs before relinquishing them to the Clean Energy Regulator.

For more about how this system works, don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff who can provide a comprehensive run-down and check your eligibility.

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