Home Battery System

Many Australian households have taken control of their future energy needs by investing in home solar power technologies, and after experiencing its many benefits have taken a step further by installing a home battery storage system.

Solar home battery systems put the power back in control of the consumer helping to deliver your home clean solar energy day and night, while further reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Home battery storage not only makes your house more energy independent but can also provide your household with income via feed-in tariffs via trading your excess stored power back to the primary power grid.

Running a hybrid solar energy system is also helping the Australian Government to reduce its need for power produced by fossil fuels, aiding Australia in minimising greenhouse gas emissions and reaching its carbon reduction targets.

The benefits of solar battery storage

Whether you are retrofitting a battery storage system or incorporating one into a total solar solution, the many benefits remain the same. 

Running your home on solar power is a great way to reduce your quarterly energy bills significantly. However, solar panels can only produce power during daylight, meaning you still need to rely on the grid at night time.

Solar home battery storage means you can be power independent day and night, further reducing your power bills and your household’s carbon emissions.

By storing your excess energy, you can increase the amount of power you can feed back into the primary grid, increasing revenue in the form of credits or payments from energy providers.

Solar home battery storage systems are more affordable than ever. Where the legacy systems of old were bulky, cumbersome and expensive, new wave battery systems are cost-effective, slimline and ultra-efficient.

Modern battery systems are super reliable, meaning you won’t be left in the dark if the main power grid fails or has an emergency outage. You’ll be left wondering what you ever did before solar home battery storage.

Home battery technology

Our solar energy team is at the leading edge of solar energy battery storage systems. We use the highest quality brands and products like the sleek, slimline LG chem batteries.

Your freedom of choice is important to us. If you have found another product you wish to use for your battery install, our consultants can provide you with unbiased advice on the best system for your unique situation.


Our crew of installers and technicians are all solar energy experts. We strictly affiliate with installation professionals that have been accredited by the CEC (Clean Energy Council).

We ensure all install teams have police checks to safeguard the assets and occupants of your home. All staff are kept up-to-date with the latest training and strictly adhere to all state and federal OH&S and Safe Work Australia compliances and specifications.

Contact our solar energy experts today for a comprehensive rundown of all solar home battery system products and installation products and services. The team here at Sovereign Solar are proud to offer industry-leading solar power solutions to households all around Australia.

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