Residential Solar

Over the last decade, millions of Australian households have discovered the many benefits of installing, clean, renewable residential solar power on their homes and properties.

Here at Sovereign Solar, we have two core values; accountability and providing exceptional customer service to our customers and clients. We are passionate about helping every Australian household access to affordable solar energy.

Our friendly, professional consultants are some of the best solar experts in the business. They are driven and passionate about providing renewable energy for the betterment of Australia’s economic and ecological future.

From the initial contact through to hand over, they will guide every step of the way. They are prompt and reliable and endeavour to offer nothing but the best service and total customer satisfaction.

Read on to find out more about the many benefits of installing solar energy in your home with the trustworthy staff here at Sovereign Solar.

Benefits of home solar energy technology

Home solar power put the power back in the hands of the consumer, increasing financial independence as well as helping the country reduce its carbon footprint.

Some of the many benefits of installing renewable solar energy technology in your home include:

You can also feel good about significantly reducing your households carbon emissions and helping Australia reach its international commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The pathways to home solar

When homeowners decide to make the jump to solar energy, they must choose one of three options, each with different benefits. Our highly knowledgeable consultants are here to help you decide on which system is best for each customer’s unique circumstance.

Grid-connected solar systems

Most suburban Australian households will remain connected to the mains electrical grid giving homeowner’s an added sense of security. Australia’s power runs on Alternating current (AC) while solar PV panels generate direct current (DC).

This current will require conversion via an inverter. This inverter is also what transmits your energy surplus, which residents can receive payments or credit for in the form of a feed-in tariff.

Hybrid solar systems

A hybrid system also remains connected to the primary grid while also incorporating a battery storage system. These solar power battery units store excess power for later use at night.

This also means that a household may not need to pay for any extra power usage outside of their own energy production., offering full energy independence while still having the security of the main power grid if needed.

Off-grid solar systems

There are more Australians than ever considering going entirely off the main power grid and being completely independent of their own power production.

As an added precaution against solar system failure, these systems generally also incorporate a power generator to ensure power is always available. These types of systems are becoming more common in rural areas where electricity is often affected by natural disasters like floods and bushfires.

The team here at Sovereign Solar offer total home solar energy solutions, including CEC (Clean Energy Council), accredited installations, as well as a range of finance options through our trusted financial partners.

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