SOlar Installations


Sovereign Solar only engages professionals who have received Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation. This ensures the solar PV systems we install for our customers are eligible for government rebates.
To become accredited, our Installers must complete several required training courses, before applying for provisional accreditation. Then the Installer must complete a further assessment to upgrade to full accreditation, within a three month period. After 12 months, the Installer transitions into the continuous professional development renewal scheme. On an annual basis thereafter, they must complete 100 points of training and development. These stringent regulations ensure quality workmanship and give Installers access to technical support.
Sovereign Solar partners with FormBay, and Emerging Energy Solution Group to ensure small-scale technology certificate (STC) applications can be completed digitally, at the solar installation site, and submitted to the Clean Energy Council for (CEC).

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