Solar Panels

The solar professionals here at Sovereign Solar are proud to offer Australian households their range of industry-leading photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, the core technology in your new solar energy system.

Each panel consists of a series of solar cells that capture the sun’s light, releasing electrons within internal PV conductors generating clean, renewable power for your home and your family.

Selecting the solar panels is usually the most exciting part of the process for many homeowners as it is the most visible structure that will change your roof’s aesthetic. Your solar panels are also representing your commitment to clean energy to your surrounding community.

Sovereign Solar PV panel partners

The team here at Sovereign Solar have years of collective experience in the solar energy industry. Through tireless research and investigation, we have chosen Risen and Winaico as our major solar panel suppliers. Read on to learn more about our valuable solar partners.


Risen solar technology has been at the forefront of solar energy technology since 1986, and are one of the longest-serving solar tech organisations in the industry. The company exports its high-quality solar products to over 30-countries and counting and continues to push the boundaries of solar energy technology. 

With a global team of over 6500 employees, they continue to grow their presence in the solar energy market. 

They are committed to making solar energy available to people all around the world, and we are honoured to offer their range of PV solar panels to our customers.


Winaico has become a name synonymous with industry-leading solar technology development and innovation, and all their products are stringently tested in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

They are participants in the Desert Knowledge Australia Project, being conducted at a facility in Alice springs. The project compares a wide range of solar technologies and subjects the participant’s products to the extreme climatic conditions of the harsh Australian desert.

These tests, and others around the world, have proven Winaico panels to be superior in versatility for cold, dry, hot and humid conditions, with high-quality tempered glass that has been tested to withstand severe thunderstorms and cyclonic conditions.

In choosing Winaico panels, you are choosing leading technology that has been tried and tested all around the world. You can buy with confidence knowing you are using one of the best solar products in the business.

Our solar commitment

Here at Sovereign Solar, we honour our customers right to choose. We can source any product on the market through our diverse solar network and are happy to supply any other solar products our customers have found during their independent research.

We are dedicated to making solar energy accessible and affordable to households Australia wide and strive to supply the best quality products while providing exemplary customer service. Call our passionate team of solar consultants today, and take the first step on your path, to affordable clean, renewable solar energy for your home and family.

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