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The solar professionals here at Sovereign Solar are committed to providing Solar Solutions Brisbane to all Australian residences and businesses gain access to clean, renewable and affordable solar energy for their homes and commercial properties.

Our award-winning team is passionate about renewable energy. They firmly believe it is in the best interest of the Australian economy, population and future generations to invest in one of our most abundant resources, the sun.

The consultants at Sovereign Solar are a carefully selected group of individuals who collectively share years of experience in the solar energy market, and who have dedicated themselves to understanding Australia’s solar market back to front.

Our solar technicians, installers and trade professionals are carefully vetted and selected to ensure we are offering one of the best services Australia has to offer.

All solar system designers and installation teams are accredited by the CEC (Clean Energy Council) and receive continuous training and development to keep them at the forefront of solar technology.

Sovereign Solar stems from two core values; full accountability for our actions and commitments, and offering the highest quality of customer service in the solar industry, from initial consultation to support post-handover.

Through our commitment to providing solar energy to the country, we are helping Australia reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions and aiding the Federal Government in reaching its renewable energy targets. There has never been a better time for Australians to invest in solar energy with government rebates and schemes in place to make it more affordable than ever.

Read on to learn more about our full range of solar solutions Brisbane and Queensland’s South East.

Commercial solar Brisbane

The rise of energy costs in Australia has hit every Australian business in one way or another, and there doesn’t seem to be any relief on the horizon.

The solar energy professionals here at Sovereign Solar want to present every Australian business with the opportunity to reap the many benefits of solar power.

Our consultants can audit your property and roof space, calculate the best solutions for your business and present you with our findings. There are no hard sells, no pushy salespeople, just the best solar solution for your business and your budget.

Commercial solar benefits Brisbane

Thousands of Australian businesses have made the jump to clean, cost-effective solar energy. Some of the many benefits commercial solar offers include:

By converting to solar energy, we are also helping Australia reach its international obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a cleaner country. Help us help you by contacting our commercial solar specialists today for more information about committing your business to the future of sustainable solar energy.

Commercial solar installations Brisbane

Many Australian businesses are already reaping the benefits of solar power, reducing their overheads and even having it make contributions to their annual profits.

Our solar experts are dedicated to offering nothing but the best in installation and technical support, as well as outstanding customer service, both pre and post-sale. Our installers and technicians are professional solar experts, and CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited. To receive the accreditation installer must complete several training courses and pass a further assessment to obtain the relevant solar trade credentials.

It takes our solar technicians a further 12-months to transition into the continuous professional development renewal scheme, and even then, they must complete 100-points of training annually to maintain their accreditation, ensuring consistent high-quality of work nationally.

There is no industry or commercial venture that will not benefit from converting their energy supply to renewable solar power, and installing a solar system could be a significant tax perk at the end of the financial year.

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate and industrial

Whether for single stores or large scale shopping complexes, there is equal opportunity to save your business on overpriced energy expenditure. We can install solar solutions for enterprises like:

  • Small and large shopping centres
  • Fashion stores
  • Hardware retailers
  • Boutique's and more

Contact our experienced solar professionals to arrange a free consultation for your outlet.

Hospitality and entertainment enterprises need reliable, abundant power for things like kitchens and air conditioning. We can install effective solar power solutions in businesses like:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Food courts and eateries
  • Bars, pubs and clubs
  • Sporting and social club dining

Hospitality businesses also present a perfect scenario where large-capacity battery storage systems can be of use.

The beauty of solar is that no matter if you are in a shared office space or an industrial park, we can formulate small and large scale solar systems customised to your needs, including for businesses like:

  • Corporate offices
  • Co-working spaces
  • Industrial parks
  • Small and large scale manufacturing
  • Local and federal government buildings
  • Hospitals, health, and aged care facilities
  • Manufacturing plants and more

All our installations come with our quality guarantee, and we strive for total customer satisfaction upon completion, as well as offering full after-sales support.

Commercial solar storage Brisbane

We can also provide installation on a range of solar battery storage systems Brisbane in small and large capacities, for both commercial and industrial enterprises. 

This offers many companies and businesses the option for partial or sometimes complete energy independence, depending on the size of the enterprise and its power requirements.

Some of the many benefits of commercial solar battery storage can also include:

This also gives businesses with lower power consumption needs, like retail stores, the opportunity to rely on their own power source at night via the excess power stored throughout the day.

Contact our solar energy storage specialists to find out how battery storage can help your business.

Residential solar Brisbane

The benefits of solar energy have been experienced by millions of Australian households around the country, and more and more are joining the renewable energy revolution every day.

With continuing price hikes on residential energy costs by providers, it’s no wonder so many Australians are taking advantage of the independence that solar power offers, as well as the potential to gain from feed-in tariffs financially.

Australians also feel good about doing their part to reduce their carbon emissions and helping the Government with their international obligation to reach renewable energy targets.

Solar battery storage systems are more affordable than ever before, and thousands of Australians feel great about producing all their clean energy from the roof of their homes.

Whether you are adding a storage system to your new solar system or retrofitting one to an existing system, all the benefits of this technology are the same. 

These benefits include:

  • Energy independence
  • Reliable, cost-effective power
  • Added profits from feed-in tariffs
  • Neutralising excess carbon pollution 

We only use industry-leading brands and technologies, like LG’s sleek, contemporary Chem Batteries. We respect our customer’s right to a wide range of choices, and our extensive industry network means we have access to many products outside of our premium selection.

For a full run-down on solar battery storage systems, contact us to speak to one of our technical specialists.

We endeavour to provide the best customer service as well as the best solar products available in Australia. It is important to us that our customers are happy with the aesthetic of their solar panels as they are the most visible feature of the system.

Sovereign Solar PV panels

Years of tireless research for the best solar selection have led us to partner with the solar technology leaders from Risen and Winaico, both leading innovators in the solar technology industry.

Most homeowners looking to install solar into their homes have done their fair share of research, and we can source and advise on any products a homeowner may have seen elsewhere.

Our consultants are on call to provide you with a comprehensive consultation on our Risen and Winaico solar panel selection.

A house is one of life’s most significant investments, and you need to have peace of mind that you are using the most trustworthy and qualified tradespeople when letting strangers into your home. 

All out installers and solar technicians are solar specialists with accreditation by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). To receive this accreditation, our technicians in our solar installation networks must complete extensive training and comply with strict industry standards.

These accreditations also mean that our customers are eligible for all benefits from the Australian Governments small scale renewable energy scheme.

This scheme allows homeowners to trade their STCs (Small-scale technology certificates) after installation with energy suppliers like Sovereign Solar, which can lead to further discounts on their solar system.

Contact the team here at Sovereign Solar for more information about solar installation, and a comprehensive run-down on the Government’s small scale renewable energy scheme, and its solar customer perks.

Home solar energy benefits Brisbane

There are many positives to installing solar energy into your residential properties, including:

Having a solar system installed in your home also gives homeowners the ability to trade small scale technology certificates (STCs) to help recover the costs of your solar installation.

Home solar options Brisbane

After meeting with our expert consultants, Australian homeowners can decide from three different options for solar system setup.

  • Grid-connected
  • Hybrid solar systems
  • Off-grid solar

Most suburban properties will remain connected to the main grid even after having solar installed for power access at night as well as having a connection in the case of an emergency.

An inverter will be used to converter will be installed to convert solar AC power to DC power for your home's energy. This inverter is also required if a homeowner wishes to take advantage of the feed-in tariffs.

A hybrid system incorporates PV solar panels, as well as a battery storage system. However, your home remains connected to the power grid for emergencies or times of increased power consumption. 

As well as having total independence of your power consumption most of the time, battery stored power can also be fed back into the main grid to maximise your feed-in tariff for profit.

Going off the grid means being completely independent of your power production from your solar and battery storage systems. This is a popular choice for people living in remote areas or places where power is unreliable due to natural disasters like floods and bushfires.

As an added safety precaution, these systems often incorporate a generator for times when stored solar power is running low, or in the uncommon event of a solar system failure.

To learn more about all the options and benefits of home solar power, contact out helpful solar experts today.

Solar finance Brisbane

The Australian Government unveiled its renewable energy targets in 2001. A scheme was implemented that would help Australia meet its international carbon emission reduction targets by stimulating the generation of energy via renewable energy sources like solar.

The solar industry professionals here at Sovereign Solar can offer a range of finance options for our customers through our network of solar finance partners. Contact our consultants today and find out how easy it is to have a solar energy system installed in your property sooner than you thought possible.

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